Succession Planning

Succession Planning

The worst thing in the world of finance is uncertainty. At Portsmouth, we work hand-in-hand with you to craft a succession plan designed to add clarity to the future—for both you and your clients.

You Can Dream About Your Retirement . . .
. . . or You Can Plan for It 

Recent studies show that fewer than 30% of advisors have a business continuity plan or exit strategy. Do you have a plan?

Portsmouth can work with you to identify your long-term objectives and then craft the strategies to help you achieve them. With three generations of financial services experience available to you, we ‘ll assist you in developing a plan that:

  • Enables you to evaluate the worth of your enterprise and how to build additional value in the future
  • Addresses your personal goals for the future
  • Gives your clients the security of knowing that their long-term financial well-being is planned for


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