In The Community

In The Community

“At Portsmouth, we take pride in our Bay Area roots and strive to contribute to the continued development of the people and place we love. We do this through our commitment to a high standard of business ethics and by encouraging our staff to find ways to give of their time and talent.”

– Ray L. Lent, Registered Principal

We Believe in Giving Back

True to their stated goals, the principals at Portsmouth Financial sponsor an array of imaginative and highly popular programs on both the East and West Coasts designed to provide internships, create educational content, aid in public exhibitions as well as promote civic collaboration between institutions.

Projects have included, “If Money Could Talk,” “Teen Entrepreneurs Boot Camp,” “Art Speak,” and a nationally-sponsored art competition for K-12 students to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. The goal of “The Dream at 50″ art contest was to “use art as a vehicle for students to explore and clarify the personal relevance of history.”

These and other efforts serve to demonstrate that ordinary people can come together, practice good business, make money and, at the same time, make a valuable and far reaching public contribution.





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